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Covid 19

COVID-19 Services : Janitorial Management Services and Enhanced Cleaning Services

The cornerstone of the US economy is business.

When businesses, schools, offices, and all other commercial environments reopen, they will need deep cleaning and disinfecting with frequency to engender consumer confidence and biosafety.  We design service packages to meet the needs and budget of our commercial customers.

Sadly, the COVID-19 is striking residential environments

It is due to the shelter-in-place and self-quarantine restrictions.  As a result, apartment and condominium buildings with common spaces will need regular deep cleaning and disinfecting.  

Our Mission

In our world, ecosystems are continuously in combat with harmful biohazards, such as COVID-19.  Our core mission is to protect ecosystems from biohazards.  In response to the COVID-19 biohazard outbreak, we offer current CDC recommended services to professionally deep clean and disinfect properties in order to protect humans from potential contamination.  

Sanitizing Elevator

COVID-19 services

Sterilizing Gym

Fogging & Spraying Disinfecting

COVID-19 is a virus that can linger in breathable air for up to three hours.  Fogging and spraying disinfectant is notably the most efficient and effective CDC-recommended method to kill the deadly virus.

Deep Cleaning Disinfecting

COVID-19 can survive on some surfaces for days. Good old- fashioned deep cleaning is the only universally accepted method to disinfect and kill the contagious virus. 

Cleaning Table
Conference Meeting

COVID-19 Safety Training

Admist all the uncertainty, there is reliable scientific information and proven recommendations to combat COVID-19.  We train workforces to implement the best and most current safety practices. 

Reopening Consulting

In the absence of a cure, what is needed is a solution.  We consult to help our clients discover the path to resuming safe operations in buildings and venues within budget restraints and uncertain variables. 


Service Standards


Our service standards are consistent with and formulated around the guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Click the  button below to learn more.  


Our service standards are consistent with and formulated around the guidance provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Click the button below to learn more. 


PSC's approach to COVID-19 projects include deep cleaning, disinfecting, and properly disposing of all infected materials as biohazard waste.  We performing air fogging, spraying and deep clean wipe down with CDC and EPA-registered chemicals to kill Human Coronavirus, while adhering to stringent coronavirus demobilization process for all equipment, trucks, and waste storage areas. Pricing for our services takes into consideration the following factors: 


1. Square feet of the site to be serviced


2. Type of services requested:  deep cleaning only, fogging & spraying only, or combination


3. Frequency of services needed


4. Budget requirements of the customer


All projects must be quoted on a case-by-case basis after our sales representatives visit the subject site(s).  


Please contact us to obtain a FREE QUOTE.

Property Types We Specialize in Disinfecting

Doctor's Clinic

Medical Facilities

Church Pews

Places of Worship

Office Hallway

Office Buildings

Empty Classroom

Schools / Colleges

Home Nurse Making Bed

Nursing Homes



Why Choose Potomac Supply Company?

We recognize that there are other companies offering disinfection services. However, there are none quite like Potomac Supply Company


  • Our team is well trained for COVID-19 disinfection. 

  • Our procedures are in line with CDC recommendations.

  • Our disinfectant is EPA approved to kill coronaviruses.  

  • Our 8-Step disinfection process is proven to be highly effective.

  • Our workplace is OSHA complaint.

  • Our workers are hired locally from the communities we service.

  • Our company is a Small Business and 100% minority owned.

  • Our pricing is reasonable and we offer payment options.

  • Our company is insured for any service-related incidents.

  • Our service hours are 24/7, and we handle emergencies.

  • We are a family-owned and operated company.

  • We treat and serve our customers like family.  

Service Areas

Washingon, DC Metropolitan Area

We proudly serve our Nations Capital and the surrounding DMV tri-state area.

Washington Monument

Request a Free Quote

For more information or to get a free quote. We will contact you within 24-hours.  Thank you for visiting our site. Be safe! 

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