Potomac Supply Company Inc. (PSC) is a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise with offices in Washington, DC. PSC is a logistics management company specializing in thermal and lithographic printing, human resources management and staffing for janitorial and cleaning services and supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) across a range of industries.

Our Services

PSC is a logistics management company specializing in thermal and lithographic printing, human resources management and staffing, medical and office supplies and other consumables.


Business Summary

  • A supplier of Virology Diagnostic Tests and Supplies, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), thermal paper, and office supplies.

  • We can fulfill local, state, & federal Office Supplies, PPE, Medical Equipment and Supplies, and Paper Products contracts.

  • Current Vendor for DC Office of Contracts and Procurements Office Supply and Medical Equipment and Supply Schedules.

Doing business with PSC means you will receive

  • The BEST PRODUCTS that meet or exceed industry standards for quality and security

  • TIMELY delivery to meet client deadlines

  • Top notch CUSTOMER-ORIENTED service

PSC provides a full range of medical equipment and supplies, including PPE, Covid and virology testing.

Our high-quality, secured thermal paper is used for lottery, sports betting and in gaming machines.

PSC provides branded apparel, protective gear, and novelty items for  Government and Private businesses. 

Our mission is to help our customers improve their bottom line with exceptional customer service and practical solutions.

Digital Security System

We are Secure

PSC provides secure facilities that exceed current industry standards. Our offices and manufacturing environments uphold stringent controls. We are committed to continual review and improvement of all aspects of information and product security.


Existing measures include:

  • 24-hour recorded CCTV surveillance

  • Visitor monitoring

  • Available high security vault

  • Restricted movement within the manufacturing plant

  • Frequent internal and client-directed audits.

  • Stringent access restrictions to sensitive records

  • Ongoing employee compliance training

We are Responsible

We pay particular attention to the origin of all materials we use and also the destination of all residuals generated by our production processes. We work with suppliers whose processes are environmentally sustainable and socially responsible, in order to provide our customers with durable and high quality standards.

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