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COVID Testing Kits

 You landed at the right place. We can fulfill local, state, & federal Office Supplies, PPE, Medical Equipment and Supplies and Paper Products contracts.

Our Services

PSC is a logistics management company specializing in thermal and lithographic printing, human resources management and staffing, medical and office supplies and other consumables.


PSC provides a full range of medical equipment and supplies, including PPE, Covid and virology testing.

Our high-quality, secured thermal paper is used for lottery, sports betting and in gaming machines.

PSC provides branded apparel, protective gear, and novelty items for  Government and Private businesses. 

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  • Over 20 years of management consulting, logistics chain management and Human Resources training and management

  • Extensive federal and local government contract experience including DHHS, DOE, Veteran's Administration, CFSA, and Local Educational agencies in DC, MD, NC, NJ, and TX.

  • Medical Supply Vendor vendor for VA Hospital in DC, PA, NJ, NY, IL, NC, and DE.

  • Experienced in creating international networks to source products for retail and wholesale purposes.

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Current Contracts

  • 5/2020 -Present  University of Illinois at Chicago supply vendor durable medical equipment and customized consumables.

  • 3/2020 - Present  JL Terrell Construction LLC suppy vendor for Personal Protective Equipment.

  • 9/2019 - 2024  Intralot/DC09 subcontractor for thermal paper for DC Lottery, Sports Betting, and customized consumables for retailers .

  • 10/2019 – Present  Caribbean Cage supplier for thermal lottery and sports betting paper.

  • 4/2019 – Present  Haute Hair Wigs and Extension thermal paper/receipt and consumables.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our team also understands how to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We understand the interaction between product, packaging, marketing, supply chain, and consistently deliver the highest quality products to our end users.